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Monthly Plants Subscription

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Plants advance health, happiness, mindfulness and productivity, as proven in studies done across the globe. They revitalize the air and humidity around us and lower stress levels just by being in the same room with them!

Standard 4" - Our standard 4" plant subscription comes with a plant and pot. A simple yet unique gift to give plant lovers!

Deluxe 4-6" - This one is for the more serious plant lover out there, or someone who is trying to become that! A deluxe plant ranging between 4-6" is included in this monthly subscription with a cute pot.

Plant Collection -  This one is for the serious plant collector! The Plant Collection comes with a deluxe plant including a fun pot, and an accessory. Accessories will range from being plant vitamins to watering pots, there will be a variation of options we choose from. We want to keep it fun and interesting for your loved ones!