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  • Limited time offer Rose promo!

    Double up dozen- 24 Premium Roses for the cost of 12!

  • No-contact wedding consultations are now available

  • Sympathy Flowers

    Sending flowers to the bereaved lets them know that you’re thinking of them—even if you can’t visit them or attend the funeral

  • De-Stress your life with a green haven

    Plants can have a postive impact on everyday life and boost your mood

Mother's Day Flowers & Gifts

Mother's Day Flowers & Gifts

Mother's Day is coming up quick and just because times are grey, doesn't mean you can't treat the wonderful and hard working moms' in our lives with some colour.  If... Read More

Valentine's Day Collection 2021

The perfect Valentine's Day gifts for your gal-pals, honey, or yourself. Delivery, curbside & in-store pickup.
Valentine's Day Collection 2021