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Soy Harvest Candles

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Crafted and poured in Winnipeg, Soy Harvest Timberflame wood wick candles are each unique. They are made with natural, untreated wood nestled in scented soy wax for up to 80 hours of burn time and can be used as a re-usable drinking glass.

Sacred Prairie will take you to the Canadian prairies with the scent of sweet grass sun summer fields.   This scent is used to evoke calmness and soothing relaxation. 

Starry Nights features Balsam, Sandalwood and Ripe Fruit blended to create this inviting aroma reminiscent of an evening under the twinkling stars.

Bake Sale will fill your home with custard, Vanilla and Caramel make up this calorie conscious treat.  Your sweet tooth awaits. 

Unwind this scent is paired with relaxing and soothing lavender and the purity and cleansing scent of sage.

Summer Smooch this Spicy Ginger mixes perfectly with Peach and Jasmine and Lychee to create this perfect floral/fruity inviting scent with a musky base. Turn up the Heat!

Daydream Freesia, Strawberry and Peony are blended together to create Daydream.

Coffee House indulge yourself if the beautiful aroma of Espresso, Java and Cappuccino.

Autumn Snuggle Birch leaves, Lemon and Tonka Beans make up this warm and cozy all natural soy wax candle. Stay warm this fall with Autumn Snuggle.