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We all love to celebrate! Everybody have something special to celebrate all year round-  from birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions to holidays, and so on. With all of these events happening; we sometimes run out of the perfect gift ideas for each occasion. 

One classic gift one can give for almost any occasion are flowers. Giving flowers as a gift never goes out of style, so I have listed out some amazing floral gift ideas for any occasion to help you pick out your next gift for an upcoming event. 



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Why not give the celebrator their favorite flowers arranged in a cute container? Flowers speak a universal language other gifts do not have.


          One recommendation I can give you is the Edwina Arrangement. This is the perfect floral gift for a close friend or a special someone. The color of the blush Roses represents appreciation and admiration to the recipient. The blush Carnations in the arrangement also represents gratitude. It's like saying "Thank you for being born" or "I appreciate you in my life". Having the flowers arranged in a container; the recipient can surely enjoy them for a while. They can place the flower arrangement on their coffee table or a side table to remember the occasion by. You can also include a hand written card with the flower arrangement like these greeting cards from Paper Anchor Co. to make it more special. 




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Anniversaries. This is an extra special occasion one cannot forget to celebrate!  


        The most popular flowers to give in anniversaries are Roses; specifically wedding anniversaries. A dozen Roses is usually the go-to when it comes to anniversary flowers. If you want a mix of flowers; another recommendation I can make for this occasion is the Daphne Arrangement. This bouquet is a mix of Roses, Lisianthus, Carnations and Alstromerias. This bouquet is like a beautiful soft garden in bundle that gives off a warm and delightful feeling. For such an important event, you can also include a gift box like The Floral Box for everyone to enjoy. 


Another idea is to have something custom made. For example- a smaller version of a wedding bouquet. 






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Another great way to celebrate with expecting parents or the birth of a new born baby is by giving flowers.


        The Over The Moon - Baby Flowers is another floral gift idea for this occasion. This arrangement is a perfect gift that comes in a moon-shaped container that would look adorable in a baby nursery. You can also get the arrangement with a gift box that contains a cute stuffed animal. This is the perfect welcoming gift for the new member of the family.









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Emotions can highly affect us both mentally and physically. Bright colors can enhance a person's mood and increases the oxygen in the brain. 


         This cheery floral arrangement will surely brighten anyone's day and improve their mood once they see these flowers. The Siena Arrangement is a perfect gift for anyone recovering from illness or  even just to cheer up someone who experienced a loss or perhaps, a friend feeling under the weather. You can also pair this with a box of chocolates from Reids to boost their Dopamine levels! This combination will surely make them feel better.





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Life is something we need to celebrate everyday but, for our loved ones who are no longer with us; we can only celebrate our memories with them through this special occasion.  



         We can help you relieve their good memories through the Carefree Arrangement. This arrangement is perfect for this occasion because of it's full garden style look. The beautiful blooms of Roses, Larkspur, Alstromeria, and Rice Flowers combined with the greeneries will remind you of the happiest and most precious memories that you spent with your loved one. 






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These are just some examples of the occasions that we celebrate. These are occasions where we can give flowers as the perfect gift. Flowers are also best to give for congratulatory events, graduations, retirements, Mother's Day, Father's day, Remembrance Day, Religious Holidays, and all other events and occasions on our calendar all year round!   




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