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Need a unique idea for your next friends summer get together? A DIY Bouquet Making Class with your friends is the way to go.

We currently do not offer instore Bouquet Making Classes (we hope to start them again in the fall), but our designers are more than happy to help you plan yours! We recommend a budget of $15-$20 per person for a small, economical bouquet, perfect for a desk or side table! Here is what you'll need:

To choose your flowers, ask a designer for a flower bucket and go have some fun in our cooler, picking and choosing flowers, greenery and filler flowers that you and your friends will love. Ask the designer for tips on how to make a bouquet based on your preffered style, and any extra materials you'll need (string, ribbon, vase, etc.) 

Once you've got your blooms, be sure to pick up cute decor for the look you are going for! Pictured is a Beach & Greece styled event with candles, drapery, throw pillows and blankets at Patricia Beach, Manitoba. 

 A homemade cake, charcuterie board and fruit tray is also a great way to add aesthetic and delicious food to your event

We suggest inviting your best girlfriends, for memories to last a lifetime.

Save the following photos for inspiration for your next hang out!


If you'd like more information, please give us a call at 204-888-3499 or email us your questions at


Disclaimer *This is not an event put on by Floral Fixx. This is merely a cute idea thought up by our team that you can do with your friends at your own expense. We are available to help with the florals and advice on making it the style you want*


Thank you :)

Caitlyn Kraychuk

Floral Fixx Design Studio


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