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Looking for the perfect accessories to match your urban chic style? Well, we've looked through our store and found 5 items that you'll love! Or, you can gift them to your stylish friend!

1. These decrotive fruits feature golden stems and bottoms that pair with a cement grey! They look great in any room!

2. We added a rosebud, a pinecone, and some greens to this geometric decoration to give it a festive feel!

3. Charleston & Harlow Candle Co. make soy wax candles that smell delicious!

4. This geometric mirror from UMBRA is to die for! Hang it vertically or horizontally to fit your space!

Finally, this petit arrangement is called 'Noel'! It features pops of red in a silver pot. A wonderful addition to any home!

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  • 1: August 27, 2020
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